Symptom: When Downloading Video Clip using browser internet Explorer, You cant seem to locate the Videos in the file path location.

Solution: In order to locate and for video clips or any record files to be visible YOU MUST run internet explorer as administrator.

1. Search Internet Explorer On laptop. Right Click On Icon Of Internet Explorer,  select Run As Administrator.    

2. It will then prompt You, "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? Select Yes 

3. Enter NVR IP address on URL, Install and allow Plug-in. Enter username and password to login.


4. Select Playback upper Top Hand side corner 

5. Bottom Left hand side corner select the download icon.

6. On the Prompt Select Camera and select date & time of camera you would like to download video from>Select Search>select the clips you would like to download but checking box on the left>select download.

Check status of downloading clips you selected and make sure they say DOWNLOADED SECCESSFUL 

7. Upper Left hand side corner Select configuration>Local>towards the bottom is the location of where video clips are saving to on you laptop. 

8. Search and Open File Explorer on laptop. Follow path destination example: C:\Users\ramiro.palomares\Web\DownloadFiles\2021-12-20