See attachments at the bottom.

First thin, we want to tell the IVMS-4200 SW we will be registering Cards with the DS-KD9633-WBE5 (THESE ARE MIFARE CARDS ONLY, THEY WILL NOT WORK WITH PROX CARDS.)

Now we can click on Read, and go Read our Mifare Card.

Once your Card # Appears the the Dialog Box you can Add the Card to the Assigned Card Holder.

Now let's set up the unit for Facial Recognition. 

Let's add a Face from our PC

Confirm and OK the Function.

Once the step above is completed, you can move ahead and Add the Face in the Picture by following the steps below.

Now we need a permission for our Face, and the Card we added earlier.

Once complete, we are going to apply the permission as follows.

Now you may test both your Mifare Card, and the Facial Recognition Feature of the Intercom.