This is a chime compatibility list I received from Product Team on 4/30/2021.  Some chime models from the old list are not on the new list.  The chimes from the old compatibility list might not work (Not 100% verified).  You can try to use the chimes from the old compatibility list but if they do not work, then try the chimes from the new list.

New List

Old List

Following models has been confirmed and tested by HQ (07/23/2020): 

Compatible Mechanical Chimes

Broan-NuToneBK115LWH, BK125LWH, LA11WH
Byron771, 776
GrotheGONG 169 BW
Heath ZenithSL-2735, SL-2796, 95B-B, 96/M-B (WD-1 BASE)
HoneywellD117, D230 BIG BEN, D422
MecaBell3248 (CFI0006)
Teiber CraftmadeC102X2L, CTPW-PG, CTPW-RG

Compatible Digital Chimes

Hampton Bay216590
Heath ZenithWL-106
IQ AmericaDW2404-ACTB, DW-2840

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11/18/2020 4:27PM PST