I have a Hikvision HD1 / HD2. I would like to set it's current IP address as a static IP address instead of a DHCP address. How can I do this?


To assign the HD1 / HD2 a static IP address. Follow the below steps:

Please note: IVMS-4200 3.x.x.x will be required for this process.

  1. After setting up the doorbell on the Hik connect. Open IVMS-4200. 
  2. Go to "Device Management".


  3. To the right of the "Add" button, click on "Online Devices". 

4. A box will appear at the bottom of the "Device Management" page showing all online devices.

Located the line item for the HD1 and under the "Operation" column. click on "Modify NetInfo".

5. Uncheck the "DHCP" box and enter your password for the HD1 / HD2. Then click "Ok".

Turning off the DHCP will set the IP address as a static IP on the HD1 / HD2.