How do I connect a Wi-Fi camera to Wi-Fi?


  1. Connect the camera directly into the Ethernet port on your computer or connect the camera into a PoE switch connected to the network/internet
    1. You will need to put the computer on the same network as the camera to access it so that you can configure the Wi-Fi settings in it.
    2. You will need to connect the camera to a power supply/adapter if you hardwire the camera to the computer (a computer's Ethernet port does NOT provide PoE)
  2. Log into the camera's web interface (put the IP address of the Wi-Fi camera in a web browser)
    1. The default IP Address of the camera is
    2. You may need to change your computer's Ethernet adapter's IP address to match the IP scheme of the camera (192.168.1.x) if you don't change the default IP address.
  3. Go to Configuration > Network > Advanced Settings > Wi-Fi
    1. Select the Wi-Fi you want to connect the camera to
    2. Put in the Wi-Fi password in the "Key 1" section
    3. Make sure the status is "Connected" before moving to the next step
  4. Configuration > Network > Basic Settings > WLAN
    1. Set a WLAN IP address and gateway for the camera
      1. You can set a static IP and put in the gateway of the network manually, or enable DHCP
  5. Once you have finished the steps above, you can disconnect the camera from the computer or the PoE switch.

Here's a link to a PDF file with the same steps as above (with screenshots):