New features that are included with the upgrade are:

  • Setting up Door and Door Extension
  • Setting up Public Password (Pin codes) up to 16
  • Changing the Lock Time
  • Enabling Wi-Fi thru Wizard
  • Changing the Door Name  
  • Changing the Call Room

The layout/steps of the wizard:

1.    Language

2.    Password reset (must use email or question)

3.    Network configuration

4.    ndoor station settings

  1. Must set a registration password before moving forward

 5.    Wi-Fi configuration



6.    Time Settings



7.    Enabling Hik-connect


8.    Door Station Configuration

  1. This is the step where you can set up master and door extension, also where you can activate them
  2. First one you select is the master and the secondary ones will be extensions  

9.    Indoor extension setting

  1. This is the step you can activate and link indoor extension to your master indoor (max 5.)



Once you hit finish it should go into a pairing screen then follow by a configured screen


New door station setting screen


New Option you can do:

  • Change the name of the Door Station
  • Change the language of the Door Station
  • Change the Lock time (min. 1sec)
  • Increase the Volume
  • Change the Call number
  • Add a Public Password (max. 16 passwords min. 4 characters)

These options will reflect to the sub modules that are link to the Door Unit