iVMS-4200 software offers a wide range of features. One of these features is the Time & Attendance feature that allows for tracking the employee's attendance and amount of time spent working. This feature is very robust and the setup allows the user to adjust the settings in various ways. This document discusses the simplest setup, which allows for a FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE, meaning that the employee has the freedom of not being assigned to a certain set schedule. The employee can come in and leave anytime within the 24 hour day.

In order to setup time and attendance, an access control device must be added to the iVMS-4200 software. The beauty of the feature is that any of Hikvision's access control devices can be used for this purpose. After adding the access control device, employees must be enrolled in the software and assigned an access schedule (just like with a standard access control setup). The steps below show how to enroll a person and assign an access schedule:

In the Control Panel of the iVMS-4200 software go to PERSON.

In PERSON click ADD. The ID will be filled in automatically. Enter the user's name and select the gender. the other bits of information are not mandatory. Next, click the + to add a card number. A small window will appear. The card number can be entered manually, or can be enrolled by scanning the card at an enrollment station or the access control system's card reader (for this click settings and navigate to selecting the method). 

Click ADD after the card number has been entered, and in the card area of the new user the card will apear with it's number written on it. Each user can have up to 5 cards. after adding the cards press ADD at the bottom to enroll the user.

After the user are enrolled, it is time to create the access schedule. In the Control Panel of the iVMS-4200 software go to ACCESS CONTROL:

Here, under AUTHORIZATION click on ACCESS GROUP, then click ADD

In the newly emerged window enter a name for this Access Group, then select the template (all day access, all day deny, or a custom created one). select the persons that will be in the Access Group, then select the Access control device and the doors that will be assigned to these persons. Click SAVE.

After creating the Access Group, put a checkmark next to it, then click APPLY CHANGES TO DEVICE. A new window will appear showing the progress. After the changes have been applied, close the progress window.

After the access Group has been created and the permissions have been applied, it is time to set up the time and attendance portion of this feature.

As said before, in this document we will set up the FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE, which will allow for simplified settings and calculations.

In the Control Panel go to Time and Attendance.

In TIMETABLE change the TIMETABLE TYPE to FLEXIBLE. The pictures below show the before and after views of this submenu:

Next, under SHIFT SCHEDULE select PERSON SCHEDULE, then select all the user to apply this setting to, select the EXPIRY DATE then SAVE.

The EXPIRY DATE can also be assigned on the SHIFT page and by clicking the ASSIGN.

IMPORTANT: The EXPIRY DATE in this case is more akin to "validity period". For any type of report calculation, the person's shift expiry dates need to include any date that reports need to be made for. While calculating one or more persons' attendance, if intended report dates fall outside of any person's EXPIRY DATE, the iVMS-4200 may hang and require restart as of v3.4.0.9.

After this the software will display the calendar with the applied schedule:

After setting all these settings, it is time to select the Access Control device and reader that will serve as the checkpoint. By default the software has all access control readers acting as checkpoints, and since in the FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE setting only the first and the last card swipes (or fingerprint scans/face scans/pin codes...) determine the attendance, it is advised to leave that setting on, otherwise it can be changed under ATTENDANCE CHECKPIONT submenu:

By default, the software will calculate the employee's attendance at 1:00AM, but it can also calculate it manually. To calculate the attendance manually, go to TTENDANCE STATISTICS -> CALCULATION and CALCULATE to calculate the attendance for all, or enter the employee's name or ID number to only calculate the attendance for the particular employee: