There are 2 main reasons that the firmware does not update.

1) The firmware for the device is incorrect.  There are some case where the model number of the devices are the same but run on different software platforms.  The correct platform firmware version of the device will also need to be considered to obtain the correct firmware version and build.

2) The firmware is not unzipped.  When you download firmware from our website, they are usually in a compresses/zipped format.  The firmware will need to be unzipped before using the firmware file to update.

Other miscellaneous reasons would be:

-Firmware will need to be upgraded in incremental/sequential order.  There might be interim firmware (between the currently installed device firmware and the latest firmware) that will need to be used to upgrade the device before upgrading to the later firmware versions.

-If you are using a web browser to upgrade the firmware, then the device plug-in might need to be installed on the computer to properly upgrade the firmware of the device.

-If you are using a web browser to upgrade the firmware, the path of the firmware file on the computer is too long.  An error message stating the file path is too long usually shows when this issue occurs.