I need to log directly into my camera and NOT into the recorder. How can I do this?


The easiest way is to enable Virtual Hosting in your recorder. Simply log into the web gui of the recorder and navigate to Configuration -> Network -> Advanced -> Other and enable Virtual Host. Then go to Configuration -> System -> Camera Management -> IP Camera and you will be able to click the link next to the camera to log in.

If, however the recorder either does not have the Virtual Host option or it is not connected to the recorder and therefore unable to virtual host into, you will need to navigate to the IP of the camera itself. To do this, connect your computer to the same source that the camera is plugged into. 

i.e. if the cameras are plugged into a switch, you must also plug into that switch. If the cameras are plugged directly into the recorder, you should also plug into the recorder. 

Once you do that, run the SADP tool to determine the IP Address of the camera, then enter the IP into a web browser and navigate to the login screen that way. Please note that you will also need to ensure that your computer is on the same IP Scheme as the IP you are trying to connect to.