The plug-in comes from camera when you access it with a web browser.  When the camera is accessed with a web browser, there is a link to download the plug-in.

-If accessing the camera using the Internet Explorer (IE) browser or Edge via IE mode, then there will be a link to download/run the plug-in.  This plug-in is called Web Components or USSC Web Components.  Once you have installed the Web Components plug-in, access the camera again, there will be a "Allow" button on the bottom of the IE browser that must be selected to allow the Web Components plug-in to run the IE browser.

-If accessing the camera using the non-IE browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge (not in IE mode), the plug-in is located on the top right corner of the web interface once you log in to the camera.  This plug-in is called Local Service.


-The plug-in is installed on the Windows computer which will be listed in the Add/Remove programs section of the computer.  The plug-in can be uninstalled and reinstalled.

-Not all cameras will run on the same plug-in, so you might need to uninstall the current plug-in and install the plug-in for that particular camera.

-If there are multiple plug-ins installed computer, uninstall all other plug-ins and then install the new plug-in.