What is the difference between  a "preset", a "Patrol" and a "Pattern" on a Hikvision PTZ cameras?

Answer: "Preset"

A preset is a saved position that a PTZ camera is currently at. 

Answer: "Patrol"

A patrol requires a series of presets to be added with a speed and delay setting. The presets act as waypoints for a patrol stopping at each preset along way as the cameras moves through the patrol. 

Answer: "Pattern"

A pattern is a recorded path of motion (similar to a macro) from start to end. A pattern is one fluid motion that is created with the PTZ control arrows and will typically have no stop points until the pattern hads completed.  

  • Not all Hikvision PTZ cameras support the "Patrol" and "Pattern" functions. Please check the data sheet for your PTZ camera to see if it supports these functions.