How do you add a DS-HD1 to an NVR?


  1. Get the IP address of the doorbell from SADP or from an IP scanning tool (Batch Configuration, etc.)
    1. The IP address is not visible on the Hik-Connect app
  2. To add it to the NVR:
    1. If the NVR is a Plug and Play unit and there is an unused channel on the NVR:
      1. Click on the 'edit' / 'modify' button on that channel
      2. Change the 'adding type/method' from 'Plug and Play' > 'Manual'
      3. Type in the IP address of the DS-HD1, leave the user name as is, then put in a password, then click 'ok'
        1. The password to the doorbell is the verification code of it. It can be found on the back of the doorbell, or on the front page of the user manual.
    2. If the NVR is not Plug and play:
      1. Click on the 'custom add' option in the camera menu, or you can click on the 'unadded online devices list' on the bottom of the page in the camera menu
      2. Put in the doorbell's information (IP address, user name, and password), then click 'ok'