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How to enable IE compatibility mode on Microsoft Edge



Step 1. Ensure that the Edge browser version is later than 89. Recommend to use the latest Edge browser version.


Step 2. Click the drop-down box on the right side of the Edge browser and select Settings to enter.  


Step 3. Select the default browser, enable allowing the site to reload in IE mode, and restart the browser as prompted.


Step 4. Click the right drop-down box and select Reload in IE mode.


Step 5. It has been switched to running in IE mode.


Step 6. Login camera ip.


Step 7. Enter the camera web page and click on the upper right corner to download the Plug-in.


Step 8. Click to open the downloaded file and then can successfully preview the camera






Internet Explorer has been serving the tech community for 25 years and Microsoft is finally ending its support.  The end-of-support date will be June 15, 2022.  After the Windows10 update 21H2, the Internet Explorer browser will be hidden/removed from the OS. 



  1. Run the latest Windows Update; The Edge Browser version should be up to date.  
    The minimal version is 91.0.86.
  2. Make sure the Edge Browser is not restricted by the business or the organization.  
    Otherwise, some functions will not be available.



After you restart the Edge browser and go to the DVR Login 
page,  nothing will appear different. 

This is because you need to  
Reload in Internet Explorer Mode from the Menu. 

1. Go to ... 

2. More Tools 

3. Reload in Internet Explorer mode

After the browser reloads again,  
You’ve entered the Internet Explorer mode. 

The most noticeable difference is a prompt 
message on the top of the page. 

Note:  Do not click Leave.   
Edge will revert back to regular Edge mode.

After you log in to the DVR/NVR, 
you should see the please download plug-in 
message on the center of the screen. Download the 
plug-in and install. 
After fully loadingRefresh the page, and click 

Then, you should be able to see the video after clicking the Play All button. 

Everything should be exactly the same as 
Internet Explorer.   

You should be able to view the camera 
streams without any issue. 

How do I download video files from the Edge Browser IE Mode?
The reason that you cannot download video files is because by default
the Edge:IE mode is running with the Protected Mode: ON  for Zone: Internet


Even if you try adding the system to the trusted site list will be no use.
This is because the Zone is locked down to the Internet. (refer to the Zone listed under the yellow highlighted area in the picture above)

To Disable this:  You need to open the Control Panel > Internet Options.
Uncheck the Enable Protected Mode option, and then restart the Edge browser.

(Important Note) Disabling Protected Mode may not be a safe action.   Hikvision has no liability with any issues that may arise with this use.  If this method is not preferred, we recommend using the IVMS Client software to View/Download video files.