Can I add a device to the Hik connect mobile app as a direct IP connection without having to uise the Hik connect service?


Yes, Hik connect supports direct IP connected devices. A Hik connect account is not required.  

If you are using a DDNS service. A device can also be added using the domain that was register with the DDNS service and the username and password for the device. 

The following ports are required for direct IP remote access to work properly. 

The ports should be forwarded to the IP address of the Hikvision device. *


HTTP Port (Typically, this is port 80 unless it has been customized).

Server Port (Typically, this is port 8000 unless it has been customized). 

* Hikvision support does not assist with the actual port forwarding. Support for opening and forwarding ports would be provided by either ISP (Internet service provider) or a network engineer.