I have an NVR that'll support more cameras than it has PoE ports. How do I add the other cameras to the NVR when the NVR and cameras aren't connected to internet?


You can connect the PoE switch the other cameras are on into the LAN port on the NVR.

  1. Set up the network settings on the NVR (fill in the 'IP address' and 'default gateway' section)
    1. You can set whatever IP address and gateway you want, just make sure they are on the same subnet
      1. Ex: IP: > Gateway:
  2. Activate the cameras and set their network settings using the SADP tool
    1. You need to set the IP address of the cameras to be on the same subnet as the NVR
      1. Ex: NVR: > cameras need to be 192.168.1.x (x being any number that's not being used by the NVR or any other camera)
  3. Manually add the cameras into the NVR
    1. You can try clicking on 'quick add'. If the NVR detects the switch cameras, then you can select them all in the list and add them in at the same time.
    2. If the quick add option isn't available, click on 'custom add' / 'add', then put in the camera's info (IP address and password), then click 'Ok'
      1. If the information is correct, then the camera will be online on the NVR. If the camera is offline, check that the information you put into the NVR for adding the camera is correct.