I used to be able to see my cameras on my phone, but now I can't. Why?


Typically this will depend on how the device was added to your Hik-Connect app. If it was added through the Hik-Connect service, i.e. by scanning the QR code or by entering the serial number, it means your Platform Access is offline.

If Platform Access is offline, your next steps will be:

1. Verify that it is physically plugged into your network

2. Verify Hik-Connect is enabled in the recorder by going to System Configuration -> Network -> Advanced -> Platform Access and enabling it here

3. If the above steps fail to bring it online, go into System Configuration -> Network and make a note of your IPv4 Address. Then enable DHCP and save; or, if it's already enabled, disable it, save, then re-enable it and save. Once you do that, make a note of if your IPv4 Address is now different. If it's not different, let us know. 

4. If it is different, uncheck DHCP, then change your Preferred DNS to and Alternate DNS to

If you added the device to your phone with the IP Address, then it will be an IP issue. Verify your IP hasn't changed and, if going through ports, verify the ports are still open.