How can I transfer a Hik-Connect account to another email/phone number?


  1. Log into the Hik-Connect app through the website (
  2. My Account > click on 'Modify' for the email or mobile phone number (whichever you want to update) > 'Get Verification Code'
    1. ** Using a phone number change for the screenshots
    2. The verification code will be sent to the email or phone number specified in the account
  3. Once you get the verification code (4 digit code), put that in the 'Verification code' section, then click 'Next'
  4. Put in a new email/phone number > 'Get Verification Code'
  5. Put in the 4 digit code received via text message or email (depends on if you are changing an email or phone number) > OK
  6. The email/phone number should now be changed.

** Changing a phone number in the screenshots, but the steps would be the same for an email change.