Why do the cameras live view on my Hikvision recorder get all pixelated when i am viewing the cameras in a division?


Typically when viewing the cameras in a division greater than a 2x2 division. The cameras are being displayed in their sub-stream. On certian models of Hikvision NVR's, the default bitrate of the sub stream may be at 32kbps (kilobytes per second). This low of a bitrate can cause pixelation when viewing the cameras on their sub-stream. 

The resolution is to go into the cameras parameters on the recorder. select the sub stream and raise the "Max bitrate kbps" of the sub stream to 256kbps. You would want to do this for all the cameras on the recorder. 

As a side note, for the main stream and main event stream for cameras 4MP and lower in resolution. We recommend 1536kbps for those streams. For cameras above 4MP, set the main and event streams to 3072 or slightly higher.