I forgot my Hik connect password. How can i retreive my password using a computer?


You can do a self-password reset from the website. Here are the steps once you are at the website:

  1. Click on "forgot Password".

2. If your account was setup with an email address. Enter the email address and the captcha code and click "Next"

3. An email will be sent to the email address you used to register the Hik connect account with. The email should be in you inbox, if not then check your spam or junk folder. Enter that in the "Security Code" box and click "Ok". 

4. You will then be able to now create and confirm a new password for you Hik connect account. 

* If you used a cell phone number to create your Hik connect account. The process will be the same replacing the email with the phone number. The verification code will be sent as a text message.