I can't see the sub stream of my hikvision camera on the local NVR, through the web browser or through the IVMS-4200 software. I get "stream type not supported" error. How do I fix this?


This issue can be caused by power issues. When the sub streaams configuration becomes corrupted on the back end firmware wise. 

To resolve this. You need to log into the recorders web interface from a computer on the same LAN network the recorder is on. Then do the following:

Enable "Virtual Host" option on the NVR after logging in using a browser:

  • Go to "Configuration->Network->Advances->Other".
  • Enable "Virtual Host" and click "Save".

Log into the cameras from the recorder virtual host by doing the following when logged into the recorder with a web browser:

  • Go to "Configuration->system->Camera Management".
  • Under the "Connect" column, click the hyperlink for the camera you need to log into.
  • This will open a second tab in you browser and take you to the login page of the camera.
  • Log into the camera using the username "admin" and the password for the camera.
  • Go to Configuration->Maintenance". 
  • There will be three buttons there. Click the button that says "Restore".

  • A prompt willl appear asking to confirm the restore. Click "Ok".

  • The camera will reboot and restore back to factory setting with the exception that is will keep the admin password and the IP addres it was assigned. 

The resoted camera should now have a functioning sub stream viewable from the local monitor connected to the record, the web interface and IVMS-4200.